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Weekend Recap - Cozy & CPX Sports

The main events this weekend were a friend’s birthday dinner at Cozy and a paintball excursion.

Cozy is BYOB thai restaurant with an interesting decor. They have locations in Lakeview and Evanston. We visited the Evanston location and conveniently enough there’s a liquor store right across the street. I ordered Pad Prik which was stir-fried shrimp with onions, carrots, basil leaves, bamboo shoots, jalapenos and bell peppers in spicy sauce. It had just the right amount of spice. My friends ordered Pad Thai, Crispy Pad Thai, Basil Leaves and Cashew (Chicken). Everyone enjoyed their meals, but the Crispy Pad Thai was mostly fried noodles so my friend would have preferred the original Pad Thai. Overall the food was very tasty and reasonably priced! I totally flaked on pictures, sorry!

Then there was paintball which was quite the experience. My friends and I bought a LivingSocial deal. It included paintball, food and beer at CDX Sports plus transportation to/from Joliet. We were picked up at 9 AM and it took about an hour to get there. We had some time on our hands so we used some face paint to decorate a friend’s face…probably not the best idea for him and his face mask, but entertaining nonetheless.


When we arrived we were given a paintball gun, a mask and paintballs. In the first round they brought us to three different courses. We played two games at each one. The first looked like a junk yard with cars all over the place, the second was a forest and the third only had some wooden pallets stacked up in different areas. I liked the junk yard the best. We mostly just shot up the other team and after one hit you were out, but we also played capture the referee where you had to get the referee to the other teams starting place.


The entire time you were in the courses you weren’t allowed to remove your mask. For me this was the most annoying part because it was pretty hot out so all you really wanted to do was to take a breather without it. BUT, we did take a break around 1 PM to refresh and recharge with some water and snacks.

Then we played a couple rounds in two city courses. The final round was called city wars and by the end of the round you had to have as many players as you could on the hill that divided the cities. It was an allout shooting fest…a little crazy, but fun. 

We finished off the day with food and drinks. I ended up with two bruises, but they aren’t too bad. Overall it was a lot of fun and a good deal! The staff at CDX and with LivingSocial were all great. I’d definitely recommend a LivingSocial excursion!

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